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Our Mission

EkoRevolte is our ideology.

We believe that it is not too late to save our planet and please the eye with beautiful nature for many more years. Plastic pollution is increasing, but so is our awareness.

We believe that our everyday choices matter and that together we can face the real problem, that so many people pretend not to see.

With best quality products and modern ideas, we can help you to reduce plastic usage in your home.

Soon it will not only be the choice, but necessity.

Start the change now and begin your eco-friendly journey with us!

Our Team

Anna Cichomska
Anna CichomskaFounderinfo@ekorevolte.ch
What amazes me? *Strong trees growing on inaccessible rocks.. *Summer wind dancing with the grass.. *Waves on the lake on a rainy day.. *Fog covering the mountains.. *Birds singing happily and building nests.. *Hardworking ants and lazy pandas.. *Whales being free in the ocean.. *Flowers blooming on the meadow.. *Thunderstorm showing the unbelievable power.. *Strong bison and subtle butterfly.. *Sunny, rainy and snowy days.. *Rainbow that gives hope.. *Wild life.. *Nature.. ...and when I realized that we might lose it all, I decided to protect it.
Timo Larentis
Timo LarentisSupportinfo@ekorevolte.ch
Nature enthusiast and animal lover

Our Products

  • Cruelty Free
  • Plastic Free
  • Made in Europe
  • Organic
  • Fairly produced
  • Toxins Free
  • High quality
  • Most of them VEGAN
  • Supporting european family companies

Our Values

Our company is the first step to your sustainable development. We choose the producers we work with based on their values, European production, only fair trade and free from cruelty. Moreover, an eco friendly way of packing and sending products. Before we sell, first we try the products to see if they are of best quality and ingredients. We love each and every product that you can find in our shop and we use them in our houses, too. The way we treat our customers is always the way we would like to be treated by others. You can send an email or call us for more information about the products, shipping or personal collection in Alpnach, Luzern or Sarnen. We pack our products in reused boxes and use the wooden wool or reused paper to ship them in a safe way. Please don’t throw away the filling material! If you place the wooden wool outside, birds will use it for their nests. We are happy to get your feedback and to support you when you need to buy something for yourself or an eco gift for someone else. Live green and be positive!


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