Backefix – Grease separating mat (40x30cm)
  • Backefix – Grease separating mat (40x30cm)
  • Backefix – Grease separating mat (40x30cm)

Backefix – Grease separating mat (40x30cm)


Eat healthier: Fat separating mat lets excess fat drip off, low calorie and consciously

Crispy results: thanks to guaranteed air circulation, for baking trays as an alternative to hot air fryers

Practical and suitable for everyday use: dishwasher and microwave safe, free of harmful substances, BPA-free, -45 °C to 230 °C

Buy fat separating mat and enjoy crispy results

The pyramid stud structure of the fat separation mat makes optimal use of the oven's circulating air function. Optimal air circulation is guaranteed under the baked goods, resulting in an all-round beautiful result.

Tip: ideally suited for greasy pastries such as puff pastry but also other dishes. As an alternative to the conventional deep fryer

Almost unbelievable - try it yourself instead of the deep fryer. Crispy, juicy and uniform results will no longer be a rarity, the joy of healthy and low-calorie food will grow quickly. At the end of the oven procedure, you can simply dispose of the excess fat.


No turning necessary with raised fat separating mat

Who doesn't know it - you make vegan spring rolls and fry them. Sometimes you can't gauge the temperature and you turn too late or too early. In both cases, both are really annoying. Due to the air space between the nubs - it comes to a perfect hot air circulation of the baked goods, in our example of the spring rolls. This makes the end result nice and evenly crispy and juicy. The circulating air effect on the silicone grill mat works with any baked good, whether fish, meat, vegetables and more.
Note: The silicone grill mat is only intended for the oven or microwave, do not put in the open fire or even on the grill.


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