Shorty Eden - Period underwear XS-XXL
  • Shorty Eden - Period underwear XS-XXL
  • Shorty Eden - Period underwear XS-XXL

Shorty Eden - Period underwear XS-XXL


- Up to 12 hours protection
- Washable and reusable
- Anti-leak technology
- GOTS certified organic cotton
- Ecological and economical

* Size:

Safety, efficiency and comfort, that's what I promise.
We hesitated whether to call it "EDEN" or "the definition of comfort", but the second term was a bit too long.

With Eden, you no longer have to ask your girlfriends to discreetly check to see if you have a stain when you get up.... pretty cool, right?


Up to 12 hours of protection
No more worries weighing on your mind. Put on your shorts before you go, and the only reason you go to the bathroom is to wash off the excess coffee!


Zero leakage guarantee, that's the most important thing.
The team has worked hard to change women's lives.... Long series of tests, whether in the office, in the gym, during our wild outings, at home, in front of Netflix: not even afraid. We said to ourselves, what better way to guarantee you the best than to play beta tester ourselves?

So we put everyone to work: our team, friends, family, and loyal customers to try different absorbents until we found the most effective one. After months of testing, we can tell you that we offer a zero leakage guarantee.

Raising the bar
Our shorty considers your needs, ALL of your needs. Whether you want to climb Mount Everest, dance the night away, get through the school day or a long meeting, we've got you covered. That's why we've designed the cut of our shorts so that the protection extends all the way to the top in the back, so you're fully protected in every position of the day.

Our Super Organic Cotton
Our organic cotton is GOTS certified, which means we pay the farmer a fair price, but also that no toxic products are used (which protects the farmer's health, but also yours).


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